Flat & Flow – Chapter 2

Chapter 02

TL note: More info on the wallet cellphone can be found here.

On a side note, Morita-san will be released once a week.

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Two new projects

We have two new projects – Flat & Flow and Morita-san wa Mukuchi.

A fellow by the name of Dashing kindly offered us his translation for Morita-san so Yutanpo will be helping me clean on this one.

Flat and Flow will be just the two of us as usual.

Morita 01

(Originally part of the preview chapters we did)

Morita 02

Flat and Flow 01

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Non Non Biyori: Dropped

I’m sorry to say that we won’t be working on Non Non Biyori anymore. Another group has decided to release their own scanlation of the series after we declined their invitation to do a joint. Personally I hate competing with other groups whether it be concerning fansubs or scanlations so you can only blame me since Yutanpo was still open to continuing the series. I guess we need to find another series now. There won’t be a poll this time though.

So…any suggestions?

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Non Non Biyori – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Here is chapter 1 too since it was only bundled with the other preview chapters:

Chapter 1

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A Channel – Volume 1 Batch

Why isn’t there more fanart of this beautiful woman?

Volume 1 Batch

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A Channel – Volume 1 Extra


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Our new project is…

Non Non Biyori

So yeah, it had the majority of the votes. We’ll see how we go with A Channel volume 2 and Sora no Shita volume 2 (no raws yet for either) before we consider picking up another series.

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