Translator: Yutanpo

Editor: J

J & Yutanpo are both fans of slice of life manga that decided to scanalate lesser known series.



18 Responses to About

  1. Natsuki says:

    Keep on doing an excellent job, J-Yutanpo!

  2. Oxwivi says:

    Hey, thanks for the scanlations. Can I join you guys? I can do some typesetting at least.


    • J says:

      Ah well currently we’re doing alright with two people and we have another person who has offered to help out if needed, but we have your email so we can always contact you if something comes up.

      • Oxwivi says:

        Oh, okay.

        Originally, I wanted to create my own scanlation group, but around that time MangaHelpers collapsed, so did my plan as it was my source of raws for interesting, but yet to be scanlated mangas. Didn’t find any translators either… TT_TT

        Anyway, in case my email doesn’t show: oxwivi@gmail.com

  3. M0e|moe-IR says:

    Excellent quality scans, rock on

  4. Hira says:

    Hi, I’m an admin from Evil Flowers. Couldn’t find an email to contact you guys at, so posting here.
    Wanted to ask whether or not you’d be up for a joint for Non Non Biyori, because we’ve already started on that project, finished with the cleaning of Chapter 3. We’d be willing to edit if you guys can translate. (:

    Contact me here~ hiraahsan94@gmail.com

  5. Tai-Uchiha says:


    First thx for the great work! Especially for a channel!!^^
    did you find now raw for the 2. Vol.? (well I didn’t I googled it! Whit out result!! So sad!!

    Well now to the main issuing!
    Can I us you work for a wallpaper?
    I will us some pages of A channel!
    Can I, please? 
    m(_ _)m

  6. Tai-Uchiha says:

    Ah Ok! I thought that you don’t have then, because it’s say on the project site!!^^
    that’s good! I’m looking forward to read it!!

  7. Gamrage says:

    If the current group translating Non Non Biyori doesn’t do their job, can you take back the project? I’m really interested in it..

  8. Kitiara says:

    Kee up the great work guys. I was just wondering, Do you allowed your scanlation to be hosted on other sites?

  9. J says:

    These days there is not much we can do to prevent others hosting our releases. So if someone were to, we would at least ask for us to be credited.

  10. juan manuel says:

    hey men What wrong with the manga of Flat&flow ? die or that ?

  11. juan manuel says:

    usp I meant to say what happened?

  12. Apathy boy says:

    I found japanese raws for A Channel volume 1-3 at http://www.updateraw.com/2011/10/channel.html

    use freakshare for vol 1-2, and depositefiles for vol 3

    This Volume has more Opening Story at Chapter 17 than the one in Mangafox, opened by Nagi Meanwhile in Mangafox Opened by Run and Tooru.

    I hope you read it so you can get volume 1-3, and fix the volume 2 at Mangafox

    please continue the hard work

    Thanks for scanlating this series

    Please reply me so I know that you read the link

  13. J, would it be possible for you to check out my website please? The URL is http://www.siliconsorcerystudios.com . We’re looking for contacts in the manga industry and it would be nice if you could contribute in someway. (WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR FREE ADVERTISING OR DONATIONS)

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