Two new projects

We have two new projects – Flat & Flow and Morita-san wa Mukuchi.

A fellow by the name of Dashing kindly offered us his translation for Morita-san so Yutanpo will be helping me clean on this one.

Flat and Flow will be just the two of us as usual.

Morita 01

(Originally part of the preview chapters we did)

Morita 02

Flat and Flow 01

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13 Responses to Two new projects

  1. Anonnie says:

    The link for Morita 02 is the same as Morita 01.

  2. ihazaname says:

    Thank you for Flat & Flow!

  3. ed lolington says:

    yay! I was secretly rooting for these.

    • Lizzy says:

      Me too! I did see another scanlation of this before, but it was barely readable. This one’s actually translated into good English! 😀

  4. charlie says:

    Nice! thanks for the releases!

    The sad part is I don’t see anything about Non Non Biyori in the other scanlators page… even asked in their shout box and they deleted it…

  5. Niitatsu says:

    Thank you very much for Flat & Flow and Morita-san wa Mukuchi! :DD

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