Our new project is…

Non Non Biyori

So yeah, it had the majority of the votes. We’ll see how we go with A Channel volume 2 and Sora no Shita volume 2 (no raws yet for either) before we consider picking up another series.

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8 Responses to Our new project is…

  1. KJacket says:

    yay… for A Channel vol2 lol. All of them are good so it’s a win-win for all of us 😀

  2. charlie says:


  3. MrMangarule says:

    Hi i’m the founder of Mangarule and i want to ask you if you want to do a channel and another 4 koma with us ^^ we really hope to work on a channel with you.

    • J says:


      Currently there are no proper raws for us to continue A Channel into volume two. We appreciate the offer to do another series but we would like to just concentrate on Non Non Biyori for now.

  4. MrMangarule says:

    We can buy volume 2 and work together on it ^^

  5. Niitatsu says:

    Thank you very much for A Channel sub. ^_^ im waiting for A Channel tankoubon 2.

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