The finalists for our next project

So the finalists from our previous poll were Morita-san, Non non Biyori and Yurumates. We have done a preview chapter for each. A few things Yutanpo and I would like to note:

Morita-san: Compared to the others it’s not as easy to translate and editing takes longer.

Non Non Biyori: Easy to translate and easy to edit.

Yurumates: Easy to edit.

With those things being said we have enjoyed reading these three series so I guess we wouldn’t mind doing two of the three listed.

Preview chapters

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3 Responses to The finalists for our next project

  1. charlie says:

    I’d like to vote for Morita-san because it’s not easy so it will improve your skills… but I really liked Non Non Biyori, it’s cultural shock is intriguing. So there goes my vote.

  2. Ikachan says:

    First ones are cute and stuff (and Non Non Biyori also have a really nice style and setting), but only Yurumates seems to be kinda funny. So I vote for it.

  3. ChibiRico says:

    My vote goes for Non Non Biyori ^^ They we’re all great, though. I liked the odd art style for Yurumates, but I’d rather Non Non Biyori.

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