A Channel – Chapter 16

So this is the last chapter of volume 1. There are still a few omake pages though so we’ll most likely release them along with a batch of volume 1. We are planning to do the chapters beyond volume 1 and we do have the raws for them but recently the date for volume 2 was announced so we’ll wait to see if the raws for it pop up.

Chapter 16

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5 Responses to A Channel – Chapter 16

  1. ChibiRico says:

    Thanks for the release ^^ I can’t wait for the rest ^^

    Also, Tooru rolled on the floor with the bed sheet was the cutest thing ever ^^
    And is it just me or the ending of this chapter was kind of … abrupt?
    Anyway, thanks again for the release ^^

  2. WorldCon says:

    Thanks for the release ^_^

  3. Michelle says:

    Arigatou! Thanks so much fro scanlating!

  4. Apathy boy says:

    I found japanese raws for volume 1-3 at http://www.updateraw.com/2011/10/channel.html freakshare vol 1-2, depositefiles vol 3
    please continue the hard work
    Thanks for scanlating this series

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