Future projects

So we have found a few titles that we would like to do but we thought that we should have our readers decide on one specific title. I should note that we do plan on continuing Sora no Shita so there is no need to worry about that. They are all listed on Mangaupdates so be sure to check each title out before voting.

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11 Responses to Future projects

  1. alidan says:

    i have to ask, what raws do you have access to?
    will this effect other releases?

    and also, if you can, can you give us a chapter of each?

    if i had to pick blindly, i would say Harumi Nation, because of the more intresting concept, but at the same time i can see it getting old fast, but i see Flat & Flow as the safest bet of all of them for being good till the end.

    • J says:

      We plan to do a preview chapter or two for the 2 – 3 series that receive the most votes.

      • alidan says:

        than consider this a vote for

        Harumi Nation
        Flat & Flow

        because i dont believe i cna chose multiple, and i believe those to be the most interesting.

  2. Mew says:


  3. Oxwil says:

    Well, they all are good choices, but I voted for an other since it’s a really good manga no one’s being scanlating for a while (Puchimon). If that’s not possible, I’m fine with whichever you decide to pick up – I simply love comedy mangas.

  4. eyl says:

    ok, i liked all … tough decision … 1rst : harumi nation, 2nd: non non biyori and 3rd: fura furo.

  5. ChibiRico says:

    Hm… I don’t know any of them, but for some reason I like the title of Harumi Nation (and I get the feeling I’ve seen/heard of this somewhere). So yeah, voting for Harumi Nation.

  6. onii says:

    I impulse-voted.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fura Furo seems like it’d be enjoyable to read, but for some reason, the description of Morita-san makes me immensely curious about it, so I voted for it.

    Harumi Nation seemed too silly.

  8. Johny says:

    14 Juicy!

  9. Apathy boy says:

    How about A Channel? I have a good news for you

    I found japanese raws for volume 1-3 at http://www.updateraw.com/2011/10/channel.html

    use freakshare for vol 1-2, and use depositefiles for vol 3

    please continue the hard work

    Thanks for scanlating this series

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